Emergency Vehicle

We are so excited to share that we have purchased and delivered an SUV that will be used to deliver supplies

Christopher Walton

May 20, 2023

Emergency Vehicle

SUWU operates with no overhead, and we work with our network on the ground in Ukraine. As a smaller organization, our goal has always been to operate quickly and efficiently and provide direct aid to those who need it most. With this in mind, we are so excited to share that we have purchased and delivered an SUV that will be used to supply food, water, and other supplies to Ukraine’s frontline units. It will also be able to transport the wounded away from harm and will save lives while delivering aid. 

Our effort began when we were approached about a need for vehicles for brigade units on the frontlines as their previous transport vehicle had been recently destroyed. After communicating with our network of volunteers on the ground, funds were transferred to Ukraine where volunteers purchased the vehicle and delivered it to units on the war’s frontlines in the Bakhmut region. 

The entire process, from the time funds were transferred to the time the vehicle was on the frontlines, took less than 6 weeks. In keeping with SUWU’s mission, this was quite a quick timeline and was significantly shorter compared to similar aid efforts by governmental and larger organizations. This vehicle has already made numerous trips across frontlines to deliver life-saving supplies and has helped to save the lives of the wounded by transporting them out.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort– especially our volunteers in Ukraine and everyone who has contributed to SUWU! Your donations are having a strong impact on the ground in Ukraine and are saving lives. Every dollar that has come through directly assists the lives of those in need and are at risk– from families in their homes to brigades on the frontlines.

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