Medicine from Poland

Volunteers purchased medicine in Poland and delivered in Ukrainian regions. 

Medicine from Poland

We worked with volunteers and doctors on the ground in Ukraine to identify which medicines are most needed and are hard to come by at the moment.  We then partnered with Polish volunteer organization Humanosh to purchase and deliver medicine to Ukraine.  It was important to partner with an official organization to facilitate the legal purchase and international shipment of the medicines, in particular prescribed ones. Humanosh delivered the parcels directly to Chornomosrk And our volunteers distributed medicine to hospitals as well as directly to people. 

  • Number of People Helped - hundred of people received life saving medicine
  • Geographical Area - Odesa, Kharkiv 
  • Timing - March 4th - April 29 

Medicine purchased:

  1. Pain relievers, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic (IBUM, Dicloberl retard, Paracetamol Accord, Paracetamol Hasco, Paracetamol formina, Paracetamol polfalodz)
  2. Antibiotics (Azimycin)
  3. Disinfection (Microdacyn Wound Care, Octenisept)
  4. Treatment of hypertension (Lorista, Captopril Jelfa, tonometer SIMPLE)
  5. Treatment of an underactive thyroid (Euthyrox)
  6. Treatment of diabetes (Abra glucometer, blood glucose test strips)
  7. Hemostatic dressing (Pasomed sterile and non-sterile gauze tampons, Intrasite Conformable, Abra sterile dressing patch Pasocare, Peha-haft fixing bandage, KOMPRI lux  gauze swabs with X-ray)
  8. Medical goggles
  9. Rescue blankets
  10. Disposable mouth-to-mouth respirators

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